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Dynamic Positioning Consultants


Dynamic Positioning Consultants

dynamic positioning consultants

Position Inc. provides a range of consulting and training services, specialising in Dynamic Positioning (DP).

Our services provide support to those who rely on DP vessels to safely and efficiently execute offshore projects.  

By utilising a DP Assurance process that engages all stakeholders and assesses technical, procedural and operational elements, Position Inc has assisted in the delivery of many DP incident free operations, and has effected long term positive change for the safer operation of DP vessels.





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Why DP Assurance?

Why DP Assurance?

The DP industry faces constant challenges as the offshore industry continues to evolve.  Numerous DP incidents occur each year which result in damage, delay or additional cost to projects. Many of these incidents occur due to simple errors, faults or misjudgements that may have been avoidable, or their impact lessened, had proactive steps been taken to specifically identify and manage those aspects of the DP operation. 

Position Inc provides DP Assurance services to assist projects achieve efficient, incident free operation.

Why conduct DP Assurance?

  • There has been a large increase in DP vessels of all types, used in a growing number of applications.
  • Reliance on traditional vessel quality assurance measures and certifications may not identify all critical DP risks.
  • There has been a large increase in the number of DP operators, coupled with the loss of experienced operators due to retirement or transition to other roles.
  • Several challenges exist with standards for DP certification and training. 
  • There is growing acknowledgement from all stakeholders, that DP related factors have significant impacts on project outcomes.
  • It is increasingly apparent that the development and implementation of new standards is gaining pace. Operators are becoming more committed to ensure new guidelines and standards are followed.

Why choose Position Inc?

  •  DP Assurance is what we do. It is not a side component of a company primarily focused on general marine activities. We focus on DP issues related to the preparation, delivery and management of each operation or project.
  • Our approach is based on engagement, and focuses on achieving understanding, not just short term compliance.
  • Our perspective delivers change effectively, combining experience in training as well as relevant operational and management experience.
  • Position Inc has combined experience spanning decades of mobilising DP vessels and DP operations supporting offshore projects.
  • We utilise a diverse range of skills and resources encompassing technical, operational and educational elements.
  • We are actively involved with industry events and sectors responsible for the development of DP guidelines, policies and standards. 

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Our Services

Our Services

Position Inc has helped deliver many thousands of days of incident free DP operations. To do this, we focus on three specific elements of Dynamic Positioning, and offer the following consulting and training services.


Incident free operation requires equipment that operates reliably, and predictably. 

Position Inc provides a range of technical verification services, based on the latest industry standards and guidelines,  including:

  • DP FMEA Proving Trials
  • DP Annual Trials
  • Operational Readiness Audit
  • Vessel Capability/ Suitability 
  • DP Technical Training


High quality, effective DP procedures allow projects to be managed safely and efficiently.

Position Inc provides services for the development and review of DP procedures including:

  • ASOG/CAMO Development and Implementation
  • Vessel Specific DP Operations Manual
  • DP Procedures/Checklists
  • Project Execution Plan
  • DP Risk Management Plan


A focus on compliance is not effective in achieving positive project outcomes. Personnel involved in DP operations must have awareness, knowledge and understanding in order to be effective.

Position Inc's experience in DP operations and training, provides a range of operational services including:

  • DP Operator Assurance
  • DP Mentoring/Coaching
  • DP Client Representative
  • On-Board Training
  • DP Operator Training

Who We Are

Who We Are



Position Inc utilises the resources of a network of professionals with decades of involvement in the global DP industry. 

We draw on extensive operational experience, with the world's largest oil companies, marine contractors and vessel operators, in a range of offshore, subsea activities.

A detailed knowledge of international guidelines, and understanding of the latest technical developments, allows us to give valuable input to a range of DP operations.

Position Inc also engages with ongoing support from major DP equipment manufacturers and suppliers to provide clients with accurate, up to date advice and guidance.